May 7, 2008

BK 'spygate' scandal widens, implicates CEO

With a powerful new op/ed published in today's New York Times, entitled "Burger With a Side of Spies," award-winning investigative author Eric Schlosser takes the spreading "spygate" scandal to a new level, documenting the fast-food giants efforts to infiltrate the Student/Farmworker Alliance.

This comes just three weeks after a report in the Ft. Myers News-Press broke the story of a multi-faceted "dirty tricks" campaign aimed at discrediting the CIW through an anonymous, bogus blogger campaign of emails and internet postings questioning the CIW's integrity and calling the Immokalee farmworkers' organization the "lowest form of life" and "bloodsuckers," among other things. That smear campaign has since been tied to Burger King Vice President Steven Grover (above right, "Burger King VP puts self on grill; Daughter says dad wrote anti-coalition postings," 4/28/08). Stay tuned for more news in this rapidly developing story!