January 26, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Tell Florida Governor Crist to take a stand against slavery!

If you could help end modern-day slavery in Florida's fields with an email, would you?

Click here to email Governor Crist today!

Those of you who have followed the CIW's work over the years know that the issue of forced labor has been a central focus of our efforts since we began organizing in 1993. So you know that we wouldn't call for an email action campaign on slavery if we didn't truly believe your email could help.

Today, we believe it can, and here's why: In all the years we have been fighting forced labor in Florida's fields, one very important player has remained stubbornly on the sidelines. Despite seven major prosecutions in the past decade, not once has the governor of our state -- the chief executive who wields tremendous public and political influence over the state's agricultural industry -- said a single word to condemn this most egregious human rights violation. Three men have occupied the post in that time and not one has said a word.

Today, with your help, we are going to demand that Governor Charlie Crist take the field in the fight against slavery. In the wake of the governor's spokesman's outrageous comments diminishing the significance of farm labor slavery, the CIW is calling on Gov. Crist to commit the full power of his office to address the plague of modern-day slavery in Florida’s fields. Add your voice to this call today by clicking on the following link, where you can learn more about the petition campaign and send an email or fax to the governor today.

Click here to email Governor Crist today!

Update 3/11: Governor Crist has agreed to meet with the CIW! Read the coverage here.